Recce Limburgs Zwaarste

It’s one month now since I signed up to the Lakeland 50, and training isn’t yet going as planned. This is due to the fact that I’m yet unable to do any running during the week and all running is limited to the weekends. Not however today!

Today I took a day off from work and for a difference wanted to recce a section of Limburgs Zwaarste (Limburgs Heaviest). Limburgs Zwaarste is a low-key ultra run of 60, 80 or 100km with 2500m of climbing, which is held in April and passes almost my front door.

photo road sign

The section I had in mind is a loop of approximately 25 km around the villages of Vaals, Vijlen, Nijswiller and Orsbach. Backyard country, so to say. When I made some printouts of the route and had a closer look on the map the night before, I noticed that the route wasn’t always as straight forward as I expected. There are a lot of walking paths in the forest and many walking routes are marked. The route however doesn’t really follow any of those. Instead of that, it seems to link all up’s and downs together. So what looked as a rather straight forward recce, turned out to be a great opportunity to test my map reading skills and get some climbs in my legs.

I took it easy and walked most of the climbs. The route was actually quite nice and passed through some area’s which I hadn’t discovered yet. Although most is on trails, there where some a sections on paved roads. The trails where all dry and easy underfoot, but that will definitely not be the case after prolonged periods of rain!

All in all todays route was 27.7km long and involved 776m of climbing.

Route of todays run