Recce Limburgs Zwaarste, part 2

Last month I reccied twice the first section of Limburgs Zwaarste as mentioned in my previous post. Today, it was time to recce the loop around the village of Epen which is roughly 20 km’s long. This loop is not included in the 60km route, but part of the 80km and 100km route.

According to the weather forecast it was supposed to be dry in the morning and indeed it was when I left the parking at ‘t Hijgend Hert‘ in Vijlen. Unfortunately it didn’t last long! Halfway through, it started to rain steadily and it didn’t stop. Luckily my OMM Sonic Smock kept me dry all the way round.

Muddy shoes
Muddy shoes

This wasn’t however the case for my feet. Once the route left the forest and started to pass through the  open fields and along the river Geul, the ground became water-logged and grass hopping was no longer an option, given the amount of rain the last days. Finally the route went back into the forest where the underground was drier except of a sunken road which turned out be a complete mud bath.

All in all a nice loop of 19.5km with 590m of climbing. Although there are plenty of climbs, the route is pretty well run-able apart from the shorter steep climbs in the forests.

Route of todays run
Route of todays run

Author: John Dingelstad

Over caffeinated embedded software developer, hiker and trail running enthusiast.

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