Review of August

After completing the Lakeland 50, we enjoyed our extended holiday in the Lake District. Once returned home, I took up my normal running regime again. Running felt easy and all went well. Shortly afterwards I lost some discipline and couldn’t be bothered to do the training runs I had in mind. Whether it was due too a couple of bad nights sleep or whether it was just some lack of discipline, I don’t know. I only managed to do some short easy runs in which I tried to keep my heart rate low.

Mid August, I started to feel some niggles on my left heel. It didn’t hinder my running and I only noticed it the first 2-3 steps when I started running. During the day it sometimes felt like having a small blister on my heel although I couldn’t see or feel anything. To avoid things getting worse and causing any more damage, I postponed running for a week to see whether the problem went away by itself, giving my feet some rest and by cooling the heel with ice. Two weeks later, the symptoms remain and my GP concluded that I have Achilles Tendonitis. Dam it! I have no clue why and what caused it?

I am however delighted that I listened to my body and stopped running once I noticed that something felt wrong and hope that this might speed up recovery. Fingers crossed! The prospect however of not running for a while is not looking good.

Therefore the total distance run in August remains only 110km.

Total Distance